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UTV Maintenance Tips


There are various things keep in mind when it comes to caring for your UTV. We wanted to provide you some general tips for UTV care that can be applied to nearly any vehicle. However, be certain to refer to your vehicle’s service manual for exact procedures and safety information.  We’re going to focus on the high-wear items on most UTVs, those being the brakes, drive belt, engine oil and other fluids, air filter, and finally the joints and fittings. All these things are important—some more obviously than others—and if they go, they might take everything else with them.  

Now, everyone likes to go fast; it’s a ton of fun. It stops being fun quick if you can’t stop. That’s why maintaining your brakes is a very important part of UTV maintenance. When inspecting the brakes, check the brake pad thickness, the brake fluid level, and the routing of the brake lines. Brake pads lose their thickness over time, so don’t be too worried if they’re gotten thinner. Replace them when there is about an eighth of an inch left. Keep the brake lines secure to the frame, or some other appropriate spot. Make sure they’re away from anything sharp and check the lines to make sure they don’t have any excessive wearing. You generally want to replace brake fluid every two years. 

The drive belt transfers the power to your transmission from your engine. So, it’s important to keep an eye on it. When you’re checking its condition, you want to look for any excessive wearing, including cracks, breaks, flat spots, glazing, signs of abrasion, or missing cogs. You also want to make sure that the inlet and outlet ducts are clear of obstructions and clean.  

You also must change the oil and oil filter regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations of how often to change these. If you put your UTV through a lot, you may want to change it a bit more regularly. It wouldn’t hurt to check the oil before going for a ride either. You also want to check the engine’s coolant. It’s recommended to change the coolant every five years or so. You won’t need to change it as often, but check the transmission and gear case oils too. Remember, it’s a lot cheaper to change oils and fluids than to get a whole new engine.  

Air filter maintenance is important—and simple. There are serviceable and non-serviceable filters. If it’s serviceable, such as a K&N foam filter or pleated filter, clean and oil it regularly. If it’s not serviceable, replace it as needed. The filter keeps your engine running at peak efficiency.  

Lastly, some essential parts of UTV Maintenance are the joints and fittings. Your vehicle’s ball joints are a very high-wear item, and if they wear out, they can damage other components of your machine. If you notice wearing on the ball joints, replace them. You can find a selection of our quality UTV ball joints here. As the inventors of this ball joint style, we know they’re built to last. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us; we’re always happy to help.